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From our award-winning business and lifestyle magazines, to our highly specialized niche titles, SCB Marketing’s family of publications and multimedia marketing properties collectively serve as the most respected and trusted voice of our market area’s people and their pursuits.

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Internet Outreach
Let SCB Marketing leverage our audience of over 10,000 friends, fans and followers to help you grow your brand. We bring current industry knowledge and expertise in all the major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Contact us today for all the info.


Signature Events
SCB Marketing is known for hosting the Space Coast’s hottest signature and partner events. Hundreds of business and societal leaders come together throughout the year to meet and network together. Learn more about marketing opportunities here.

We offer products and services to help you grow your business and connect you with an audience intensely interested in what you have to offer.

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    How To Solve Your Biggest Marketing Problems With Content

    You’ve heard the saying, “content is king,” but you still wonder if this whole content thing is effective, especially if every competitor in your market is writing about the same thing. Truth is, fresh and relevant content is vital to your brand, and it’s not necessarily about the quantity but… more>>

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    Facebook Advertising: Is It for Your Business?

    With more than 900 million people visiting Facebook everyday, multiple times a day, it’s easy to assume your business needs to participate in Facebook advertising. After all, this platform can help you target your audience by location, age and interest. But before you invest, our Orlando marketing agency will see… more>>

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    Marketing In Magazines: Why It’s Still Relevant

    Years ago, people believed the ideology that digital was becoming more popular and would eventually replace print mediums. While this ideology may be true in some facets, print mediums are not on their way out. The truth is, print mediums like magazines have their place and people still prefer to… more>>

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